TECH TALK - combo 2
Description Of Event :
Technical talks are presentation is created by and for members of the technical Community . Technical talks cover technical concepts and ideas that make it easier for Others . Technical talks are open to anyone who wants to share what they know about The technology . Each individual participant will come on the stage for first round ,pick up a random chit of topic And atleast 2 minute the individual has to speak about what he / she knows about. The Participants who will gets elected in the first round will be eligible for the final round which is of 3 minutes with a random topic Maximum 15 members can take part (firstcomefirst)
Time duration: 1 hour 15 mintues
Number Of Rounds : 2
Timing : 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM
Location : Conference Hall
EVENT CO-ORDINATOR: Mini kumari (7903683675) , M.Kajal (9679515163)